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GottDog Photography was established when I adopted Wally. He was a three-year-old boxer/hound mix with an incredible disposition and eagerness to please. He also turned out to be a bit of a ham and would sit in front of the camera as if to say “take a picture of me”. Since he was so willing, I started to use him to sit in as a model to adjust my studio lighting before the client showed up. I soon realized that photographing dogs was a lot of fun and would be a great addition to my commercial photography business.

So what makes us the right choice to snap pics of your pet? We understand every photographic principle from lighting to lenses, and know how to showcase your pet the right way. But it’s more than that. We’re also crazy about animals, which means we know how to get the best from your pet when the camera is on. Read more by browsing our site.

Cheryl Gottschall has been a photographer for many years and also owns, operates and photographs for Gottschall Photography.


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