Pet Photography Project 52-Fantasy

February 9, 2018


This is my first week joining the Pet Photography Project 52. The theme is Fantasy. Since the weather is bad outside and I didn't have a dog on hand to work with for new images, I decided to take this opportunity to work on creating a composited image.


I've always been taught to get it right in camera the first time. There was no compositing, filters, HDR, selective brushes, adding elements to the image that didn't exist in the original, fixing exposures and contrast, or retouching. I started my photography life with film and an education in Medical Photography. I had one chance to get the image right. The only adjustments were pushing or pulling the film a bit for exposure/contrast adjustment. If I were printing black and white I had a little more control with dodging and burning or selective bleaching if necessary. Retouching consisted of a little paintbrush with spot tone to paint out any dust spots. Times have changed. I'm fully digital now. Images can be adjusted and manipulated as needed or desired. The challenge is to not worry about getting the image perfect in camera so I can focus on more creativity. 

The below images are the 2 images I started with to create the final composited image above. 




Pet photographers Project 52's challenge is to have a blog each week on a certain topic.  This weeks challenge was Fantasy.    I invite you to follow our blog circle by checkin out the next members post. 



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