Pet Photography Project 52-Pattern

April 27, 2018

The Pet Photographers Project 52's challenge is to have a blog each week on a certain topic.  This weeks challenge was Pattern. 

Patterns in dog photography



Patterns exist everywhere in nature and in the man made world. They are simply repeated shapes, colors or objects, ordered in either regular or irregular formations. In photography they are used to create interest within the photograph.


The question is, how do you incorporate pattern into dog photography? Do you focus on the pattern within the dog fur? Do you find pattern to photograph against and use as a background? Do you use pattern as an element of composition?


When I'm photographing dogs, either in the studio or on location, I take many things into consideration. In the studio I am paying attention to expression, position and body language. The backgrounds are simple. I use primarily solid white, black or gray so the dog stands out. This gives me the option to change the background in post processing and customize the image. Adding a pattern to a background will completely change the image.


When I'm photographing on location I see patterns all around. I try to use them as design elements to bring interest to the overall image and help tell the story. 






The next member of the Pet Photographers Project 52 is


Lynda Mowat from Heartstrings Photography, based in Hamilton New Zealand.


Please check our her images and follow the circle around. 

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